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  • Idli Dosa batter

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    Idlis and dosas are an integral part of South Indian cuisine. From children to elders, irrespective of whether they are consumed for breakfast or dinner, idlis and dosas are universally beloved. They are also highly nutritious and easily ...
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  • Wood Pressed Gingelly Oil

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    Gingelly oil has been used in South Indian cooking since time immemorial because of its numerous health benefits. Handpicked, premium quality sesame seeds are pressed in the traditional Mara Chekku with palm jaggery to extract pure oil ...
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  • Wood pressed Groundnut Oil

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    Groundnut oil is the King of Oils. The favourite cooking oil in South India for centuries. The AADHIRAI Groundnut oil which is suitable to cook any dish like South Indian, North Indian, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and even salads. Groundnut ...
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