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South Indian food is considered one of the healthiest and most traditional cuisines anywhere in the world. With the advent of globalisation, traditional food practises have taken a backseat and given way to instant, processed, unhealthy food. With Aadhirai, they want everyone to experience the taste of authentic south Indian cooking through their genuine range of products.

Aadhirai is the latest food venture of Madras Farm Fresh (India) Private Limited with a mission to promote healthy living through wholesome food. Their extensive product range includes idli dosa batter, wood pressed gingelly and groundnut oil, pure ghee, appalam and whole spices.

Right from procuring the raw materials to preparing the finished product, tradition and quality is always the number one priority. Aadhirai has also been vocal about supporting the livelihood of farmers and cottage industries. All the raw materials required are sourced directly from farmers across Tamil Nadu. We have also partnered with cottage industries in Pondicherry to manufacture and market organic Agarbattis.

Our Products


Buy wood pressed oils prepared in the traditional method and hygienically prepared idli/dosa batter for your family.

  • Wood Pressed Gingelly Oil

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    Gingelly oil has been used in South Indian cooking since time immemorial because of its numerous health benefits. Handpicked, premium quality sesame seeds are pressed in the traditional Mara Chekku with palm jaggery to extract pure oil ...
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  • Wood pressed Groundnut Oil

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    Groundnut oil is the King of Oils. The favourite cooking oil in South India for centuries. The AADHIRAI Groundnut oil which is suitable to cook any dish like South Indian, North Indian, Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and even salads. Groundnut ...
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  • Idli Dosa batter

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    Idlis and dosas are an integral part of South Indian cuisine. From children to elders, irrespective of whether they are consumed for breakfast or dinner, idlis and dosas are universally beloved. They are also highly nutritious and easily ...
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Why You Should Choose Aadhirai ?


At Aadhirai, it is our foremost priority to make your lifestyle healthier with our range of products

  • Farm Fresh
    Farm Fresh
    Every ingredient is responsibly sourced, directly from our very own local farmers to support their livelihood and ensure freshness
  • Traditional Methods
    Traditional Methods
    All our products are made through traditional, home-style methods & processes to bring out the authentic flavour.
  • Premium Quality
    Premium Quality
    From procurement to finished product, periodic quality checks are performed by our staff to protect the health of our customers.
  • Prompt Delivery
    Prompt Delivery
    Order your favourite Aadhirai products through our website and get them delivered to your home within a few days.


Happy Customers

Hundreds of customers have switched to Aadhirai and a healthy lifestyle with our food products which are made from responsibly sourced ingredients, using traditional methods and in a completely hygienic environment.

Order 100 % Natural Aadhirai oils and batter directly from our website. Alternatively you could also place your orders via phone call.

+91 78258 70707

+91 78258 70707


People of Aadhirai


Sree Vidya
Our Client

Cooking oil is a vital ingredient for almost all cuisines and choosing the right kind of oil from the right place matters the most! I recently bought Aadhirai’s gingelly oil and groundnut oil, and I’m so happy with the purchase. There is evidently a lot of difference with the aroma, texture and color of the Aadhira’s oil from other brands. It looks and tastes super fresh and natural. I’m suggesting this purchase to all my friends. The price is very very reasonable for the quality. Packing looks perfect and user friendly. Looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks a lot Madras Farm Fresh!

Jethu Sahasrajeth
Our Client

Aadhirai gingelly and ground nut oil are of top notch quality! Can clearly feel the presence of non gmo (country raw materials) used in the process. Can't wait for their future products! 10/10 will recommend if you want to step up your health game

Pasumarthi Venkataramana
Our Client

This is a very good joint venture by youngsters to provide quality food related products. Needs all support and encouragement.